This is a platform that connects companies from around the world
and Japanese companies that wish to contribute to the world
with their technologies and services,
with the aim of realizing a sustainable society through partnership.


  • Sustainability
    Services focus on companies that aim to realize a sustainable society.
  • Japanese
    Providing opportunities to use their technological capabilities of Japanese companies in new values around the world.
  • Collaboration
    Business collaboration between overseas and Japanese companies. And promoting collaboration through the use of consulting companies/support organizations.
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    of GREENin' in 1 minutes

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Search for Japanese companies that want to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in the world.


Register activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society and receive messages from Japanese companies that wish to participate.

the project

We will introduce your company's desired project to Japanese companies and recommend potential Japanese companies for collaboration.
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Companies that
want to connect with
Japanese companies
  • Search Japanese Companies
  • Send and receive messages to Japanese companies
  • Register your company/organization's basic information
  • Register a project (specific details you would like to collaborate on)
  • GREENin' sends recommendation e-mails for projects to Japanese companies
  • GREENin' posts the project to the special feature on the site
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  • QWhat kind of companies / organizations are eligible?
    AAny company or organization, regardless of industry or service type, that is registered as a corporation and is working toward the realization of a sustainable society, or is planning to do so in the future, is eligible.
    (If the purpose of your company or organization is to sell products or services without regard to sustainability, you are not eligible for the program.)
  • QWhat can I do with this platform?
    AYou can search for Japanese companies that aim to realize a sustainable society, register projects that you would like to collaborate with, receive messages from Japanese companies, and send messages to projects that Japanese companies have registered.You can also send messages to projects registered by Japanese companies.
  • QWhat kind of Japanese companies are registered as members?
    AJapanese companies wishing to expand overseas or collaborate with overseas companies, as well as consulting firms, governments, and organizations that support them, are registered as members.
  • QCan I delete my account?
    AYes, you can delete your account at any time.